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The search for battery life in this galaxy is over.

The rechargeable juice pack battery case for Galaxy S5

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More power. More storage.

Add 100% extra battery and up to 64GB of extra storage to your iPhone 5s/5.

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  • The power to save everything.

    space pack is the world’s first rechargeable battery case with local built-in storage made for iPhone 5s/5.

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  • Battery + storage

    Up to 32GB extra storage

  • Universal batteries

    Portable batteries for smartphones.

    The mophie universal powerstation line is compatible with almost any USB device. From small and sleek to rugged and powerful, these portable batteries are a real lifesaver.

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    Universal batteries

    Power for smartphones

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    Power and protect your Galaxy S5.

    Powerful 3000 mAh battery case made for Samsung Galaxy S5. Full case protection and up to 100% extra battery to keep you connected and equipped for the day ahead.

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    Galaxy S5

    View Galaxy S5 battery case

  • powerstation

    Extra life for any device.

    The powerstation XL is the longest lasting universal battery available. In addition to a 12,000mAh battery, the XL is fully capable of charging two tablets simultaneously.

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    powerstation XL

    Largest battery available

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    Power up your off-road adventures.

    Now you can effectively transform your iPhone into a connected, dedicated GPS device that is able to power its own way through any adventure with the Outdoor EDITION.

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    Outdoor EDITION

    Battery case & GPS app


    A percentage of gross profits from the sale of these products goes to the Global Fund to help fund AIDS programs in Africa.

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  • (Product) RED

    Buy (RED) and save lives