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mophie juice pack Galaxy S III battery case
mophie juice pack® - HTC One®
Our Price: $99.95
Coupons void for this product due to limited supply.
mophie juice pack® - Samsung Galaxy S® III battery case
Our Price: $99.95
mophie juice pack powerstation® PRO - smartphones & tablets
Our Price: $99.95

Powerful 2500mAh protective battery case made for the HTC One. Get up to 100% extra battery with the flip of a switch and never search for an outlet in the middle of the day again.

Introducing on-the-go power for your Samsung Galaxy S® III with the mophie juice pack®! This case houses a rechargeable 2300mAh battery inside a protective ultra-thin design. With one of the thinnest S III battery cases available you can do more with your Android™.

With an impact & splash resistant design, this 6000 mAh capacity battery can keep you going in the most extreme conditions.
mophie juice pack powerstation® - smart phones & tablets
Our Price: $79.95
mophie juice pack powerstation® mini - smartphones & USB devices
Our Price: $59.95
mophie juice pack powerstation® duo - smart phones & tablets
Our Price: $99.95

This powerful 4000 mAh external battery can charge virtually any USB device in the world including the iPhone and iPad at super-fast speeds.

The mophie juice pack powerstation® mini has the ability to provide more than twice the battery life to your smartphone while still keeping a low profile shape that slips right into your pocket.

This 6000 mAh battery was engineered to provide high-output charging to virtually any two USB devices simultaneously. The powerstation duo can handle all of your power-hungry USB devices, including the iPad.
mophie juice pack reserve micro Portable micro USB Charger / Battery Pack
mophie juice pack reserve® micro - smartphones
Our Price: $39.95

Lightweight and compact design with a convenient key ring means your smartphone is always ready for a charge whenever you need it.