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Counterfeits - Ensure your mophie is authentic

We love the fact that people love mophie as much as we love them, but not when it comes to imitating our products.

Lately, we have been dealing with issues caused by counterfeit juice pack products being sold online through unauthorized 3rd party retailers.

Here at mophie, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the very best, innovative solutions for our customers. The enthusiasm, pride, creativity and quality we are able to put into our products cannot easily just be copied or duplicated.

Your authentic mophie products all carry our 2-year warranty. We’ve got you covered if you ever run into problems with your juice pack; however, we can't say the same for counterfeiters. What if your fake mophie juice pack fails? Sorry, but all we can do is offer you our sympathies.

To make sure that you aren't spending your hard-earned coin on a cheap knockoff product, purchase your genuine mophie juice pack directly from or one of our authorized partners.

If you find a deal that’s too good to be true, it’s more than likely that you will end up with a shoddy, cheap imitation. Shady, unauthorized 3rd party retailers can be found all around the online arena. We urge our customers to avoid the “too good to be true” deals of eBay and the Amazon Marketplace.

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