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    Product Questions

    How does the extra battery work? How does it turn on?
    When you slide your phone into the juice pack case, a connector at the base of the case plugs into the port at the bottom of the phone. Press the status button on the back of the case for 2 seconds to start charging your phone. After using up all the power in the juice pack case, just recharge it for more on-the-go power.
    How do I wirelessly charge my juice pack case?
    Simply place the juice pack case (with charge force wireless power) on any mophie charge force wireless accessory or any Qi-compatible charger. (mophie charge force products will automatically align the juice pack case for a proper charge.) Wireless charging will automatically begin when the case is aligned on the charger. If your phone is inside of the case it has priority and will charge first, then the juice pack case will charge.
    Will my juice pack still charge with a USB cable?
    Yes, even though our juice pack cases have wireless charging capabilities, they are all still compatible with micro USB cables.  Each juice pack air comes with a mirco USB cable for your additional charging pleasure!
    What wireless chargers will my juice pack case work with?
    The mophie juice pack cases with charge force technology are compatible with all mophie charge force products. It will also wirelessly charge from any Qi-compatible wireless charger, and is compatible with other wireless charging technologies, such as those used at coffee houses, restaurants, in furniture with wireless charging, and in consumer vehicles that support wireless charging.
    What is the best method for charging my phone using the juice pack case?
    Assuming that your phone and juice pack case are both fully charged, we recommend waiting until your phone has 20% battery left. When the phone’s in the red, press the juice pack case’s status button for 2 seconds and let the case do the heavy lifting. The phone requires more power to charge past 80%, so if you want to get the greatest battery boost from the juice pack case, we suggest putting it back into standby mode until your phone battery is low again. This isn’t the end-all-be-all, but we like it.
    How do I charge my juice pack case when I’m on-the-go?
    After using up all the power in the juice pack case, connect it to a power source using the included micro USB cable. You can plug the cable into your computer or any power source with a USB out, like the USB wall adapter included with your phone. You do not need to remove your phone from the juice pack case to charge. In fact, if you leave your phone in the juice pack case while charging it has priority and will charge first, then the juice pack case will charge.
    What are the best methods for charging your juice pack?
    Connect the mophie juice pack to a power source using the included USB cable. The juice pack can be plugged in to your computer or any “works with iPhone” wall-plug style power source.You can either charge the juice pack with the iPhone or iPod inserted or charge them separately.
    Why aren’t the LEDs blinking while my juice pack case is charging?
    After you begin charging the juice pack case, the LED status indicators will start blinking to indicate charging. The lights will turn off after 30 seconds allowing for a good night’s rest. Remember to press the status button to check the battery’s charge status before you take your juice pack case. When all four LEDs are lit, your juice pack case is fully charged.
    How many charge cycles can I get out of my juice pack case? Or, in other words, how long will the juice pack case last?
    You can recharge your juice pack case for over 500 full cycles. A full cycle is when you recharge the case from 0% to 100%. Partial cycles, like charging from 25% to 100%, will not count as a full cycle until all of the partials equal 100%.

    After 500 full cycles, the battery in the juice pack case may provide less than 75% of its original capacity. This is normal for any product with a lithium polymer battery.
    Does the juice pack case block the speaker, microphone, camera, or any other ports?
    Of course not. In fact, the juice pack case is designed to act as a virtual speaker box! Sound is redirected from the bottom of the phone to the front, resulting in a richer, fuller sound quality.
    Does the juice pack case interfere with my phone’s antenna reception?
    Not a chance.
    Can I use an adapter to connect my wired headphones to the juice pack case’s micro-USB connector?
    No, the juice pack case will not pass the headphone audio signal from the iPhone out through its micro-USB connector. For the best user experience, we recommend using Bluetooth® headphones (like these) with your iPhone.
    Do you have a comparison chart for battery cases?
    Yes we do! You can check it out here and find out which juice pack is right for you!
    Do I need to charge my iPhone and mophie case separately?
    Nope! You can charge your iPhone and your juice pack at the same time or separately. Your iPhone will be the first to charge, then your juice pack.
    How do I know when my mophie case is fully charged?
    On each juice pack there are 4 LED lights. The mophie case is ready to go when all 4 lights full (not blinking).
    Should I leave my mophie switched “on” all day while my iPhone is at 100% battery?
    To get the most out of your mophie juice pack case, make sure you flip the “on” switch only after your iPhone battery is low. This way you will get the most out of case’s battery and will avoid the annoying buzzing sounds your iPhone makes when it starts charging.
    My bottom piece is connected to my wall outlet through the micro-USB cable, but my case isn’t holding a charge or only one light is blinking. What’s the deal?
    If you juice pack comes with a removable bottom piece, both the top and bottom portions need to be connected allow charging.
    My cat ate my headphone adapter! How do I get a new one?
    Head over to to purchase another headphone adapter.
    How many charges will I get out of my mophie juice pack?
    The juice pack is rechargeable for over 500 cycles. (Full cycles, partial cycles don’t count as full. So, you can charge your juice pack 10% of the way 10 times before it counts as a complete cycle.) Don’t be afraid to top it off! After 500 cycles, its fully charged capacity will be less than 75% of the capacity when it’s new.
    Does my juice pack come with a screen protector?
    No. Our only juice pack that comes equipped with a screen protector is our juice pack H2PRO for the iPhone 6s/6.
    I’m getting a weird error message, “this accessory is not compatible with the iPhone.” What should I do?
    This could be a couple of things: 1. USB cable not plugged in all the way 2. You are using a 3rd party cable NOT supplied by mophie 3. Your juice pack is not receiving as much as it needs to charge your iPhone. Try charging your iPhone and juice pack separately overnight for 1-2 nights and it should fix the error.
    mophie’s Technical Support is always here to help! We love hearing from you, even if you think it’s just a small problem or concern. If you’re having any problems with your mophie fill out the the form at and we’ll contact you within 24 business hours.
    How come I only got “X” amount of charge from my juice pack? Why don’t I get more?!
    The charge you will receive heavily depends on how you use your phone and its settings. Here is a great article that can show you how to extend your battery life further.
    When are your new juice packs coming out? Can you give me a date?
    Why ruin the surprise? We like to keep our new products under wraps until they’re ready for you to purchase. So until then, stay tuned!
    Will the juice pack for a previous iPhone version work with the most recent version?
    Generally, each new iPhone revision requires changes to our products. Generally, different iPhone generations will not work due to technical incompatibilities or simply by not fitting in the case. However, Our powerstation line of products will work with any iPhone, iPad or iPod.
    My juice pack isn't charging.
    If both the iPhone battery and the juice pack battery are dead or very low, they may not charge simultaneously if the iPhone is inserted in the juice pack, in this case, the iPhone may chirp intermittently. If this happens simply detach the iPhone from the juice pack and charge them separately.

    General questions

    I'd like to buy a mophie product, but have more questions about how it works. How can I get more information?
    Contact mophie customer service at 888.8mophie (888.866.7443) and we'll be happy to assist.
    My product was on preorder, what does that mean?
    Preorders or items that are marked online as “Backorder” will ship at a future date. Any expected delivery dates that may be given are only estimates. The date you see at time of purchase is the expected estimated date for you. If you ordered more than one product with different ship dates, items may be delivered in separate shipments.
    How can I return my product bought at
    Visit and fill out the technical support form, noting that you would like to return your product purchased at for a refund.
    I'm having an issue with the way my product works - what can I do?
    Our tech support team is happy to answer any questions. Please visit and fill out the support form. A member of our technical support staff will be back in touch within one business day.
    I have a question about my product. Who do I contact?
    For other general questions about all mophie products, please contact customer service via our online form or call us directly at 888.866.7443.

    Warranty and return questions

    How long do I have to return an item?
    If, for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return it to mophie within 30 calendar days of receipt of item(s).
    Can I exchange my item(s) for something else?
    mophie does not have an upgrade policy and cannot exchange for another product. However, you have the option of receiving a refund for the full amount of the original purchase price or exchanging the item(s) for warranty related issues.
    Will you accept a return from one of your retail partners?
    We do not off returns or refunds on products bought from other 3rd party retailers. Please contact their customer support for more information. However, if your product has a technical issue, every retail partner purchase is authorized for replacement due to warranty issues (within 2 years of purchase).
    What kind of warranty do I get on my mophie product?
    All new mophie hardware products carry a two-year Limited Warranty from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. Refurbished products purchased through third-party sellers carry a 90-day Limited Warranty from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.
    Does your warranty cover purchases from your retail partners?
    Yep, you bet. Your authentic mophie products all carry our 2-year warranty. We’ve got you covered if you ever run into problems with your juice pack; however, we can't say the same for counterfeiters. Unauthorized 3rd party retailers can be found all around the online arena. We urge our customers to avoid the “too good to be true” deals of eBay and the Amazon Marketplace.

    Questions regarding space pack.

    How do you save/download and access files stored on space pack?
    You will need to download the free iOS app "Space" to operate space pack. You can manage and transfer files from any computer or using the Space app on iPhone.
    How much does the app cost?
    The app is free.
    How do you manage files in space pack?
    space pack not only automatically organizes your files into five main categories: Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, and Other files, but also allows you to move, share, rename, and create new folders.
    How can you share files stored on space pack?
    Files can be shared via AirPlay, AirDrop, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Messages, and Dropbox. Other apps will be added in future updates.
    Can you transfer files from space pack to space pack?
    Yes, you can transfer files from a space pack-equipped iPhone to another iPhone with a space pack using the sharing tools in the Space app.
    How do you transfer files between space pack and a computer?
    Files can be transferred via a micro USB cable, similar to using any other USB thumb drive.
    Can space pack function without the app?
    No, you will need an iPhone and the Space app to access your data in space pack.
    Can you access space pack files without your iPhone?
    Yes. You can connect space pack to a computer via the microUSB cable to access files. If the Space app’s passcode is enabled, you will need the iPhone connected and the app running to access the files.
    Can you play music downloaded from iTunes?
    Yes. You can drag and drop music files into space pack from your computer.
    Can you play movies downloaded from iTunes?
    Can you edit photos stored on the space pack?
    You can easily save files to your iPhone’s Camera Roll to make edits.
    How much bigger is the space pack than current juice packs?
    Barely. space pack is only 3mm longer than the standard juice pack air.
    How much storage does space pack provide?
    space pack is available in 16GB and 32GB models
    Are software updates available wirelessly?
    Yes, space pack fully supports OTA (Over The Air) updates
    How is my data protected?
    space pack data can be passcode protected giving you the ability to alter security settings to your preference.
    Can you remove the space pack and use it on any other iPhone?
    The space pack can be used with any iPhone 5s and 5 running iOS 7.
    Can you still use the space pack if the battery runs out?
    space pack requires battery power to operate when connected to an iPhone. However, you can still access data by connecting space pack to a computer or recharging.
    What does the silver button on the back of the space pack do?
    When you press the silver button, it enables data access, or “wakes up” the space pack, and activates the LED power indicator showing how much juice you have left.
    Can you share files from space pack with other devices?
    Yes, you can share files to a computer via a microUSB cable, or to any other iOS device via AirDrop.
    Is there a limitation on the size of files space pack can transfer?
    Yes. You cannot transfer a file size bigger than 4GB.
    Will space pack be available for Android smartphones or iPhone 4s/4?
    Not currently.