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Not just attention to detail, obsession with detail. Beyond how it looks - it's how it feels in your hand and how you use it; how you forget it's even there. It starts with a single sketch that becomes dozens of iterations, mock-ups and rapid prototypes, until it meets our strict standards. That's what sets mophie apart.



We are the creators of the original juice pack. Our engineers have pioneered how to compress as much power and technology into the smallest possible space, while providing maximum device protection and meeting the highest possible standards for efficiency, reliability and safety.



In order to execute against our vision, we must have a deep integration with our global manufacturing team. The scale and efficiency of mophie's production process is unrivaled. No corners are cut to meet our breakneck timelines. It requires talent from our international offices and across dozens of manufacturing partners.



Quality is everything. In order to ensure that every product meets our tight specifications for capacity, drop protection, durability and safety, we subject all of our products to a barrage of quality assurance testing. This ensures that every product that goes out our door delivers on the mophie promise.



The moment finally arrives. After logging thousands of man hours in a hyper-compressed development schedule, we are finally able to prepare our products to ship to stores and customers. Mass-production kicks into high-gear and we begin 24/7 production on hundreds of thousands of units to ship to over 30,000 retail locations in over 120 countries world-wide.

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