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A brief history
juice pack
World’s first battery case.

The juice pack that started it all. The original battery that you could use on-the- go, and the first external battery ever for iPhone.
juice pack air
World’s first fully protective battery case.

We took the concept of the original juice pack and went a step further by turning it into the world’s first fully-protective battery case, with enough battery to double your talk time.
juice pack TV
World’s first battery case with streaming TV.

Thought we only made batteries? In collaboration with Qualcomm, mophie developed the juice pack TV that for the first time, offered live broadcast TV straight to your iPhone. Using the FLOTV network, mobile users could catch broadcast TV nation-wide.
World’s first mobile credit card reader.

The marketplace was able to accept credit cards anywhere your business took you. With full DUKPT encryption and banking partners such as Intuit, marketplace was an early innovator within the mobile payments category.
World’s first gaming case for iPod touch.

With front-facing stereo speakers and next-gen haptic feedback, the pulse was the world’s first iPod gaming case that offered physical rumble feedback for any game in the App Store. mophie partnered with Artificial Muscle to develop the pulse, which contained a reflexive membrane for powerful high-definition haptics, adding a new dimension to mobile gaming.
juice pack helium
World’s first battery case for iPhone 5.

The thinnest battery case of its time, the juice pack helium was the first protective battery case on the market for the iPhone 5 and was mophie’s 15th battery-case form factor.
space pack
World’s first battery and storage case.

In development for years, space pack finally addressed the growing problem of “not enough storage” on the iPhone for all the pictures, videos and music that fill your life (and fill-up your phone). With 16, 32 and 64GB models.
A brief history.
Over 6 billion days of additional power provided by mophie