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Innovation is at the core of mophie’s identity. We invest a great amount of time, energy, and resources in developing new technologies. One way we protect that investment is to obtain and enforce patent rights. Below, for virtual marking, we list some of the groundbreaking patents which protect our technology developments.

mophie products are protected by one or more of the following patents. In addition, mophie owns other issued or pending patents.

juice pack®

• US9577695

• USD653202

• USD671493

• USD676432

• USD718230

• USD718289

• USD718293

• USD718754

• USD718755

• USD721687

• USD723530

• USD727883

• US8917506

• US8954117

• US8971039


• USD659094

• USD666,144

• USD711819

• USD714215

• USD720687

• USD721646

• USD728467

• USD666144


Belt Clip • USD718296

Car Dock • USD726175

Desktop Dock • USD722056

Lightning Dock • USD722056

powerstand • USD670703