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People. Devices. Situations.


It’s a small group of hikers. Last afternoon of a three-day adventure. Best scenery viewed all weekend. Still miles from civilization. Batteries all running low. Jud’s action camera stops capturing content. Connectivity barely exists. GPS is down. Sunset is looming. Lantern fuel almost out. A collective panic sets in. Some are getting hysterical. Suddenly, Eli excitedly reaches for his back pockets. Immediately reveals a small device. He connects to his smartphone. It’s a mophie powerstation! Fresh battery juice starts to flow. Eli activates his flashlight app. Leads the group back into GPS range. A path out is discovered. Jud’s camera also powers up. He begins capturing the most compelling images yet. Eli is a savior. The hikers thank Eli. Then cheerily march toward the visitor’s parking lot. High-fives are shared. All is well.


It’s a small team of colleagues. Boss arrives to conference room. Pressure is on to hit deadline. Too many extensions already granted. Boss doesn’t care if “the world is ending,” he’s going to see the presentation. So it begins. Five second in, loud crashes of thunder interrupt Naomi. The building starts rumbling violently. Room goes dark. Power is out. Debris covers the conference room. Boss doesn’t waiver. The team refocuses. But then realizes laptop battery is minutes from death. Suddenly, Naomi pulls a second device from her briefcase and connects it. It’s a mophie powerstation! The extra juice powers both tablet and projector. Naomi nails the presentation. Boss is pleased. Naomi is a savior. The team thanks Naomi. Then escapes seconds before the ceiling collapses. All is well.


It’s a small group of travelers. Shipwrecked, but safe. A few mobile devices survived. The hunt for service is frantic. No luck yet. Just faint flashes of connectivity. Not enough to place a call, send a text or email for help. The group keeps trying. But batteries are quickly dying. Situation turns bleak. Suddenly, Josh reaches desperately into his bag. Pulls out a cord. Inserts it into his smartphone. The fellow travelers scramble to discover the other end is connected to a…mophie powerstation! Battery juice is restored. Josh manages an SOS text through. Location is confirmed. Help is on the way. Josh is a savior. The travelers thank Josh. Then power all other devices. Emails are checked. Selfies are snapped. Social media statuses are updated. All is well.

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