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charge force vent mount

Made for mophie cases with charge force wireless power

charge force vent mount

Made for mophie cases with charge force wireless power
The charge force vent mount allows drivers to go hands-free and wirelessly charge in the car. Simply touch your mophie case with charge force wireless power to the mount; it will be held in place and magnetically align for a perfect charge every time. Never fuss with cables again.

  • Compatibility:  mophie cases with charge force wireless power
    Warranty:  2 Year Warranty
  • charge force mounts use magnetic positioning for a safe, reliable charge.

    The charge force magnetic attraction makes this the most convenient way to charge while driving. Simply place your mophie case against the vent mount and charging begins automatically.

    Charge Force Wireless Power
  • Charges on contact

    Together the vent mount mount, included car charger and high-current USB cable deliver up to 1.0A charge speeds to your mophie case and phone on contact.

  • 360° rotation

    Easily rotate your mophie case while mounted to your vehicle’s air vent to view the screen in either portrait or landscape orientation.

  • Magnetic positioning

    Strategically-placed magnets in the mount and magnetic plates in mophie wireless cases perfectly align for a secure hold every time.

  • Qi-enabled charge force mount

    Certified wireless charging system with magnets strong enough to hold your mophie case in position but still allows you to grab-and-go when you’re in a hurry.

  • Strong hold at any angle

    The four-prong mount securely slips over your vehicle’s air vent louvers, and the charge force technology keeps a tight hold on your mophie case so you can charge safely. Enjoy hands-free calling or turn-by-turn directions with your phone in either portrait or landscape orientation.

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  • What's in the Box

    charge force vent mount

    mophie car charger adapter

    micro USB cable

    Quick-Start Guide
    Download Here

Tech specs

  • Compatability

    mophie cases with charge force wireless power

  • Dimensions

    3.74 x 2.64 x 1.87in (95 x 67 x 47.5mm)

  • Weight

    4.55oz (129g)

  • Warranty

    2 Year Warranty

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  • In the Box

    charge force vent mount, mophie car charger adapter, micro USB Cable

  • Manual

    Download here

  • Legal

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Frequent Questions

  • What devices is the charge force vent mount compatible with?
    The mophie charge force vent mount will wirelessly charge any mophie juice pack case with charge force technology.
    How do I mount the charge force vent mount in my vehicle?
    Slide the charge force vent mount’s mounting fingers over one of your vehicle’s vent louvers to attach it. The mounting fingers can be rotated to accommodate two different louver thicknesses.
    What does the LED on the charge force vent mount indicate?
    The charge force vent mount’s LED illuminates to indicate that the wireless device is properly charging, and will remain illuminated until the device is 100% charged. If the vent mount’s LED flashes on and off, it can mean one of the following:

    • The wireless device you’re trying to charge is not Qi-compatible (the vent mount will only charge devices that are Qi-compatible)

    • The wireless device is not charging properly (make sure the wireless device is positioned on the vent mount as shown in the illustrations in the quick-start guide).

    • The vent mount is not receiving enough current (make sure that you have connected the vent mount to the mophie car charger that was supplied with it; do not use a different USB car charger).
  • How do I wirelessly charge my devices?
    After connecting and mounting the charge force vent mount as shown in the quick-start guide, simply place a device with charge force technology against it. The vent mount will securely hold the device and automatically align it for a proper charge. Wireless charging will automatically begin when the device is aligned on the vent mount. If you’re charging a compatible juice pack case with a phone inside of the case, the juice pack case and phone will charge together.
    Is it OK to run the heater or the air conditioner while the charge force vent mount is attached to the vent?
    DO NOT DIRECT HEATED AIR FROM THE VENT ONTO THE vent mount WHILE IT IS ATTACHED TO THE VENT—this can damage the vent mount and a docked device. When running the vehicle’s heater, completely close the vent the vent mount is attached to, or direct the heated air out of the vehicle’s lower vents and entirely away from the upper vents.
    It is OK to direct cool (air-conditioned) air from the vent onto the vent mount while it is attached to the vent.