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juice pack car dock

Made for mophie cases for iPhone 6s/6, 6s Plus/6 Plus & Galaxy S6/S6 edge*

juice pack car dock

Made for mophie cases for iPhone 6s/6, 6s Plus/6 Plus & Galaxy S6/S6 edge*
Enjoy hands-free calling, turn-by-turn directions and convenient charging with the juice pack car dock. Adjust the dock to perfectly cradle your mophie case and start charging your phone and battery case together on contact.
Not compatible with the juice pack wireless, H2PRO, and reserve


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  • Charging en route.

    Attach the dock to your windshield or dash using the adjustable suction-cup mount and position your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy right where you want it. 180-degree rotation makes it easy to switch between portrait and landscape orientation—the dock locks into position as you turn the phone.


    Charging activates at the touch of your mophie case


    Supplies a high-current, quick charge to your phone and case


    Secure suction cup mount and adjustable arm lock into position

    180° ROTATION

    Easily rotate your phone to lock into landscape or portrait orientation

  • Charging made easy with mophie.

    Adjustable for a variety of mophie cases and designed for hands-free use of your phone while driving, the juice pack car dock makes charging on the road easier than ever.

Tech specs

  • Compatability

    mophie cases for iPhone 6s/6, 6s Plus/6 Plus & Galaxy S6/S6 edge*

  • Dimensions

    1.97 x 6.01 x 1.32 in (54.0 x 152.6 x 41.8 mm)

  • Weight

    8.47 oz (240.1 g)

  • Warranty

    2 Year Warranty

  • Product Skus


  • In the Box

    Car dock, Car Charger with cable

  • Manual

    Download here

  • Legal

    View here

Frequent Questions

  • Can I dock my phone while it’s still in my mophie case?
    Yes! The juice pack car dock is specifically designed to work with mophie cases Made for iPhone 6s / 6, iPhone 6s Plus / 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, so you don’t need to remove your phone from its mophie case.
    In my state it’s unlawful to attach anything to my vehicle’s windshield. How to I attach the car dock mount to my dashboard or console?
    The car dock’s mounting bracket has a suction cup mount that lets you attach it to just about any smooth surface in your vehicle. After cleaning the surface, position the bracket where you want it and press down on the locking lever to secure the bracket to the mounting surface.

    Loosen the bracket’s adjustment knobs to move dock so the phone is in the most convenient position, then tighten the adjustment knobs to secure the dock.
  • Does the car dock block the phone’s speaker, microphone, camera, or any other ports?
    Of course not. Because the dock doesn’t block any of the phone’s camera or microphone ports, you can access all of your phone’s features while it’s docked.
    Does the car dock interfere with antenna reception?
    Not a chance.