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juice pack

Made for Galaxy S III

juice pack

Made for Galaxy S III
Now you can get the acclaimed mophie juice pack power and protection for your Samsung Galaxy S III. This juice pack case virtually doubles the Galaxy's battery time by housing a 2300 mAh battery in one of the thinnest SIII cases available.

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  • Power and protection for the Samsung Galaxy S III

    There is now a mophie juice pack designed to fit your Samsung Galaxy S III and enhance your enjoyment of all the phone’s features. This durable, ultra-thin case contains a rechargeable battery that vastly increases the phone’s time to rock, talk, surf and send. It’s one of the slimmest S III battery cases on the market, yet the juice pack’s comfortable, ergonomic design and tough, light-weight materials fully protect your phone.

  • Virtually double the battery life.

    Take full advantage of everything your S III has to offer - without worrying about “down time.” Browse the web, download apps, send emails, play games, enjoy music and watch videos. Add up to an 7 more hours of talk time on 4G or 9 extra hours of Internet browsing, 32 extra hours of audio or 8 extra hours of video playback.

  • Fully functional. Fully protected.

    There’s no need to give up any features or functions, because the juice pack lets you easily access all of the Galaxy’s controls and keeps your ports, buttons, speakers, camera and flash free from obstruction. Keep sharing through touch, since our case won’t interfere with your phone’s NFC or S Beam capability.

    This durable, easy-to-hold, two-piece slider case protects it from everyday drops and scratches. The reliable, smart battery case also protects your phone against overcharge, over-discharge, energy flow back, short circuit and malfunction. This means our case will not hinder your phone’s battery. Charge with confidence!

  • Added features for ease of use.

    The juice pack is full of features designed with your ease of use in mind. A standby switch lets you charge your phone only when you need it, which maximizes time between recharges. You’ll never need to remove the case! With the included micro-USB cable, simultaneously charge your phone and juice pack while syncing to your computer - and you can download photos and other files from your phone, as well.

    A four-light LED indicator on the back keeps tabs on how much battery power is left in the juice pack. And, when it’s plugged in, the LEDs also keep you updated on your juice pack charging status.

Tech specs

  • Battery Capacity


  • Compatibility

    Galaxy S III

  • Dimensions

    2.97 in x 5.91 x 0.69 in

  • Weight

    3.50 oz

  • Warranty

    2 Year Warranty

  • Product Skus

    2200, 2245

  • In the Box

    juice pack, micro USB cable, manual

  • Manual

    Download here

  • Legal

    View here

Frequent Questions

  • How does it work?
    The juice pack has a rechargeable lithium battery inside. When you slide your phone into the case, a connector at the base plugs into the micro-USB port at the bottom of your S III. When your phone gets low on battery power, just flip the standby switch on the back of the juice pack from red to green to start charging your phone. After using up all the power in the juice pack, just recharge it with the included micro USB cable for more on-the-go power. It's as easy as that.
    How do I charge the juice pack?
    Simply connect the juice pack to a USB power source, like a wall charger, car charger or your computer, with the included micro-USB cable. You can charge the juice pack while it's on or off your phone. If you charge with the case on, it will also charge your S III!
    Can I sync my S III while the juice pack is on my phone?
    Yes! You can charge and sync your S III without removing the juice pack via the included micro-USB cable. Pretty cool, huh?
    Does the juice pack interfere with antenna reception, S Beam, or NFC (Near Field Communication)?
    Not a chance. Our case will not affect your signal strength or interfere with your phone's NFC or S Beam capability. You can still share photos, websites, contacts, etc. with the juice pack on your phone.
    What colors are available?
    This juice pack is available with a soft-touch black matte finish or a beautiful, high gloss white with metallic silver accents.
  • How do I get the most battery power out of the juice pack?
    Correctly using the standby switch will give you the best battery boost. The S III uses extra power to be on a constant charge, so charging only when you need power is the best way to use the case. We recommend waiting to charge until your phone is down to 20% or less. Limited use of your phone while charging will also increase the percentage of battery the juice pack will give you.
    How many charge cycles do you get out of the juice pack? Or, in other words, how long will the case last?
    The juice pack is rechargeable for over 500 full cycles. A full cycle is when the case is charged from 0% to 100%. Partial cycles, like charging from 25% to 100%, will not count as a full cycle until all of the partials equal 100%. It's only after 500 cycles that the battery in the juice pack will be less than 75% of the original capacity. This is normal for any product with a lithium battery.
    Will I always receive double the battery life with the juice pack?
    It is not guaranteed that you will receive double the battery life. The amount of additional battery you will receive from the case depends on a variety of factors that are different for every user.
    Will the juice pack charge any other Android phones?
    No. This juice pack is compatible only with the Samsung Galaxy S III. You can, however, use one of our powerstations to charge virtually any other smart phone!