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juice pack cable

Made for Devices with micro USB
Misplaced your USB cable or just want an extra one? We've got you covered.
  • 6" cord
  • 12" cord
  • 32" cord

  • Stay charged.
    Stay connected.

    Misplaced your USB cable or just want an extra one? We’ve got you covered. Connect your juice pack or micro USB device quickly, safely and securely using just one cable.

  • Use it for almost anything.

    Simply plug our small and durable USB directly into any juice pack or micro USB device port to stay connected while you’re at home, at work, or on the go. Connect to your computer, wall or car charger.

Technical specs

  • Product dimensions 6 inches / 12 inches / 32 inches
    Compatibility Devices with micro USB
    Warranty 1 Year Warranty
    Patents View here

Frequent questions

  • Does this USB cord work with any other devices?
    This juice pack cable is standard micro USB, which means you can use it on virtually any micro USB port.
    Can I use this cable on different juice packs?
    You sure can. This micro USB cable is compatible with every mophie juice pack.
    Is this micro USB cable cool?
    Yeah, it's pretty cool.